Common sense Advocate for Kids


As a father of three young children, I believe that the most important part of our family is our kids.  Almost everything my wife and I do on a daily basis is to help prepare our kids for the real world.  It is a lot of work, but it is something that brings us both much joy.  Just like our family, the most important people in America are the children.  Children are our future.  We need to work together to make the world better and safer for all children.  I will go to Washington to advocate for all children so we can all share in a brighter future.


  • Social media is proven to create depression and anxiety, especially in minors.  Parents should have their own “view only” login so they can access a minor’s social media account.
  • Adopting an American child should be free for qualified adoptive parents.
  • When a mother chooses life but prefers to have another family raise her child, adoption costs for the adopting parents and medical expenses for the birth mother should be zero