Common sense Education


Parents are concerned about education.  Many school districts and colleges have brought politics and ideologies into their curriculum. School board meetings have become war zones pitting neighbor against neighbor, creating a divide amongst communities.

Allowing more educational opportunities would help foster an environment where the most successful education policies and schools would flourish.  School choice benefits parents and children by allowing parents to pick the best fit for their child.  Upon graduation from high school, students should be encouraged to consider trade school instead of college.  America is facing a shortage of skilled workers whereas many with college degrees can’t find high paying jobs in their field.

Student debt cripples many Americans.  Many young people today are overwhelmed with student loans and left with degrees that do not justify the cost.  Colleges have taken advantage of the system by increasing costs more and more each year knowing that students can borrow the money to pay for it.  Student loans are a form of predatory lending because it buries good people with unfair, bad debt.  In order to protect students, student loans should be capped at a reasonable amount per year.  Just like the mortgage industry has guidelines to protect the borrowers, student loan programs need stricter guidelines to protect the students.  When students pay to go to school, they often end up paying for the amenities rather than an education.  Colleges need to focus on education and reducing tuition costs to give their students a better chance at being successful upon graduation.