Common sense Fight Against Inflation


America is on the verge of a financial crisis.  Inflation is out of control.  The cost of food, housing, gasoline, new and used cars, furniture, appliances, electricity, and nearly everything else continues to rise at an alarming rate.  Prices are rising faster than wages.  When inflation is out of control, the working and middle classes get hurt the most.  I will fight to stop inflation.  We need to have common sense fiscal policy to fight against inflation.

  • Stop spending money we don’t have. The more the government spends, the higher the inflation rate.
  • The national debt is at 28.9 trillion. The debt ceiling was recently increased to 31.4 trillion.  We need to balance the budget so we can pay off our national debt.
  • Every American owes close to $90,000 towards the national debt.  We can not put this burden on future generations otherwise they will not be able to obtain the American Dream. I will fight to balance the budget and stop inflation.