Common sense Promotion of home ownership


A home is more than just a place.  A home is where you relax and get some peace and quiet.  A home is where you live with the people you love.  A home is where you feel comfortable.  A home is where you raise a family.  A home is an investment.  Home is where the heart is.  Promoting home ownership benefits all Americans and I will use my extensive real estate experience to do everything in my power to make it easier for Americans to own a home.


Owning a home leads to long term financial stability.  Instead of paying rent, you build equity in the home every month.  Owning a home gives you some great tax breaks which helps you get back more every year with your tax refund.  Children that live in a home owned by their parents are proven to score better on tests and are more likely to graduate than children that live in rented homes.  Home ownership lowers the teenage pregnancy rate and also increases the earning potential for children raised there.  Homeowners are less likely to be involved in crime than non-homeowners.  Home ownership stimulates the economy and benefits all Americans.

I would like to give every American the opportunity to create an investment account for the sole purpose of buying a home.  Every year each person can deposit up to $10,000 into their account.  The funds would not be taxed, similar to a 401(k).  This would help everyone, especially those under 35, buy a home sooner so that they can enjoy the benefits of home ownership.

Qualifying for a mortgage is oftentimes the most important thing a buyer needs to do to purchase a home.  However, the mortgage industry has many federal guidelines that make it harder to buy a home with no benefit to the borrower, the lender or America.  These guidelines increase costs for the consumer, disrupt settlement dates, and penalize those who are self employed.  It is extremely important to remove the government red tape that negatively affects Americans who want to buy a home.  I am prepared to lead the charge to reform the mortgage industry in an effort to promote home ownership.