Meet Ron


Ron was born in 1985 and grew up in Glenmoore, PA.  Ever since childhood, he looked forward to starting a family.  He remembers growing up in a world where life was simple, wholesome, and full of opportunity.  Cell phones were rare, most people did not have the internet, and social media did not exist.  Starting at a young age, Ron worked hard and set goals.  After graduating from college, Ron quickly found a job and soon got promoted into management.  At the age of twenty-two, he bought his first house in Chester Springs.  Ron began investing in the stock market and bought and sold many other houses.  He left his management job and decided to work for himself as a daytrader.  Ron transitioned into real estate and started his career knocking on thousands of doors to meet people, many of which became his clients and friends.  He earned his success through hard work. Everything he had, he earned.  He attained or exceeded every goal to which he dedicated himself.

Ron currently works as a Realtor primarily in Chester, Berks, and Montgomery counties.  He is one of the top producing individuals in the region, averaging more than one house sold per week for the last couple of years.  Ron has sold hundreds of houses and has helped thousands of people in the local area with their real estate needs, many of which achieved the dream of home ownership for the first time.  He has a natural talent negotiating fair deals and many years of experience bringing opposite parties together for a mutually beneficial resolution.  Ron is passionate about helping people of all backgrounds navigate some of the biggest milestones of their lives. 

Ron is a caring, loving, devoted husband and father.  Ron and his wife, Shelby, are the proud parents of three young children aged four, three, and newborn.  One of the biggest inspirations for Ron to enter politics was his children.  The world is so very different today compared to that of his own childhood of thirty years ago.  The world now feels tense, full of worry, fragmented, and opportunities are hard to come by, especially for young people.  Ron decided that he should serve the people and give back to the country that helped give him the American Dream.  Ron is committed to go to Washington DC to fight for all Americans, especially children, so that the future is full of peace, love, prosperity, freedom, and opportunity.

Amidst his blessings and achievements, Ron has experienced a tragedy which is one of his motivations for running for Congress.  In June of 2016, his wife was 31 weeks pregnant with their first child. While she was running errands, her car was hit by a tractor trailer, and the driver fled the scene of the accident. Because of the impact, she had a placental abruption which ultimately led to the death of their baby.  After they heard the shocking news that there was no longer a heartbeat, labor was induced, and their daughter Eva Elizabeth was born still a few days later.  They held Eva for many hours.  They spoke to her, told her how much they loved her, and promised to one day see her again in heaven.  Struck with grief, Ron vowed to honor Eva’s short life by dedicating his to helping others. 

Anyone who knows Ron knows that hockey is a great passion of his. Thirty-two years of playing ice hockey has taught Ron many valuable life lessons.  The players who work the hardest on the ice often help their team the most.  If a team doesn’t work together, it’s almost impossible to win.  Good sportsmanship and unity among players across all teams is what keeps people playing the game they love.  Shaking hands with the other team at the end of each game has always been one of Ron’s favorite parts of the game.  The mutual respect between teams is real and genuine.  Ron will bring his hard work ethic, teamwork attitude, and respect for people on both sides of the aisle to Washington DC to help all Americans win.